Bayan Group

— Content and Knowledge Management

Established in 2000 as Bayan Translation Services, Bayan Group has witnessed consistent development in business activities, areas of functionality and investor portfolio. We started as provider of professional translation services serving key players in the Egyptian market. In 2004, we have built strategic alliances with many partners in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait whereby the business has dramatically grow through both market and product/service development. By then, interpretation and technical writing services have been added..

CX Transformers (KSA)

—  Customer Experience

CX Transformers is a pioneer customer experience consultancy established to empower the government and private organizations with the needed programs, tools, training and advices to effectively manage the relationship with their beneficiaries and customers. Customer centricity and design thinking are in the CX Transformers’ DNA that will be reflected all over the journey and the course of interaction between CX Transformers and its clients.

Lavaloon (Egypt)

— System integration

Our journey started more than two decades ago with a group of technology enthusiasts who had a dream of solving the technical pains that businesses & organizations face, helping them achieve a smooth digital transformation. In 2004, our founders delivered their first full fledged project with smashing success and went on to work on their dream Finally, during early 2017, this dream officially turned into Lavaloon. With the early small group of technology enthusiasts who had the original dream now being market experts with over 20 years of experience, the dream crystallized into a rising start up. With the bold goal of solving the pain of system integration that all businesses face, we are working on delivering ready made integration solutions that take only a few days to implement!

Sieraj (Egypt)

— User Experience

We are a human-centric design and development agency who craft brands and digital solutions to create immersive experiences that engage your target customers with your brand.

We are a small team but we think and work globally, we support our team to develop themselves before developing our agency and can provide them with sources to improve and do the best, we have a brilliant team.

Pixonal (UAE)

— Branding and User Experience

Pixonal transforms data into immersive, interactive stories. With the collective intelligence of the world's best talents, we create data-driven digital solutions, dashboards, and experiences - empowering people with data they can understand and interact with. .

HRBC (Egypt)

— HR and human-centric consultation

International management consulting firm, founded to serve the business community with the world-class standards and business enablers to drive organizations, family business and nations to global competitiveness. .