Focus Areas


It’s been evident for several years that everything goes mobile, we know. And this notion applies to retailers more than for anybody else. But we didn’t jump ahead and took a closer look at the mobile industry to find out what is going on and what opportunities it opens for retail business. Recent researches show that Arab consumers spend, on average 4.5 hrs. per day on their mobile devices. Going further, we’ll see that 90% time on mobile is spent in apps which may be to buy or sell something.


It’s been evident for several years that everything goes mobile, as we said before! Hence, The service sector in general revives in all economies, regardless of their level. Therefore, we greatly support the design and development of service applications that help raise the quality of life regardless of the general economic level.


Contrary to the general trends in Mob. App. development that aim to achieve profits, ArabAps focuses on developing consulting applications in the field of Human Resources so that large numbers of companies, employees, suppliers, and customers in the Egyptian market can be utilized.


Based on the vision of ArabAps that aims to raise the quality of life, there is no doubt that the medical field is one of the focus areas in which we aim to develop many applications in.


ArabAps focuses not only on commercial applications that looking for revenue generation, but also provides the Egyptian and Arab market with supply-chain applications that facilitate various businesses such as shipping services, delivery services, and others..