Delivery Methodology

Mobile app development is a serious business. It takes time and patience to create something that works for you and is free of bugs and other issues.

We are plandning to adopt the following main phases to come up with the desired product:


Support activities

Due to the level of trust we co-enjoy, we may help in validating your inputs, conducing some research, participating in the naming and business discussions and provide feature and functionality suggestions.

Business model

As agreed on, you’ll be fully responsible for this part. However, we do advise to go with the following activities:

  1. Validating the idea
  2. Market research
  3. Market study
  4. Application ideation document
  5. Project feasibility study
  6. Naming sessions
  7. High-level journey and structure

Design Services

Now, we can initiate the production phase based on facts and clear inputs and we follow our UIX Process to Design the App.

Development Services

After finalizing UI phase we start the development Process starting with the solution architecture then coding , testing and finally with the deployment phase

Operations Services

We have the ability to operate the application after Go Live Phase and we have a lot of Operation Options Based on the business